inside/out workshop

Donna Catotti


 M arch 9, 2019

Students draw still lifes of simple objects with strong lighting using conte crayon or charcoal on newsprint, changing the arrangements in order to do multiple quick drawings. We will identify values, perspective, and angles to help with accuracy, and as the “poses” lengthen, we will identify and draw the shapes of the light and shadow, rather than the objects themselves.

Inside/out workshop

Kerry Cohen

Identity & The Art of Mask Making

April 13, 2019

4-hr. explore with clay and build masks that speak to an aspect of personality, a struggle to overcome or something to celebrate self.

Inside/out workshop

Andrea Nelson

What Remains: Attu & Kiska Islands

February 9, 2019

Andrea Nelson has created found object assemblages for over 20 years.  Her creative compositions meld her professional experiences in archaeology, museum exhibit design and scientific fieldwork – sometimes to indistinguishable levels.  With a firm belief in objects holding “history,” she has taken on several artistic projects utilizing objects to explore specific events in specific places.