Alaska Rod's

Alaska Rod’s features work by over 90 local area artisans. Rodney Hinson makes knives, many wood products (pens, seam rippers, wine bottle stoppers, etc), Devil’s Club products and a variety of other things. Drop by to enjoy our FUDGE and get our healing salves (all local and all natural). We also have Native arts, jewelry, baskets, hats, photography, paintings, leather products, Haines T-shirts, dolls, sculptures, cards and much more.

ALaska Wild Bear Photography

Brian Staurseth has been photographing for over 30 years in Alaska and around the world. His passion is nature & wildlife photography and most of his photographs were taken throughout Alaska & the Yukon.



Ampersand is a gallery & gift shop & place for beautiful ideas, the product of Andrea Nelson & Amelia Nash‘s longstanding artnership. 

Teri Bastable-Podsiki

Teri Bastable-Podsiki has lived in Haines, Alaska for the past 32 years. She owns and operates a framing business, where she creates silkscreen with hand cut stencils. But her true passion is glass- she started in stained glass, sandblasting, and then on to the world of fusing.

Doug blackwell

Doug Blackwell has developed the Sockeyeking image through years of careful and attentive  inspection of fish.  A commercial fisherman  for the last 20 years and a regular fisherman for more than 40, he’s spent the summers bouncing around the rugged Alaska panhandle chasing salmon of all kinds. It’s caused him to develop a special feeling, understanding and commitment to their survival. 

Merrick Bochart

Painter Merrick Bochart always tries to capture a bit of mystery and storytelling in her pieces. Most recently, she has been drawing inspiration from the rich pigments and unique forms of medieval and Renaissance artists, as well as Western folklore. Bochart is also fascinated by Russian Orthodox icons and often uses their style of ornate borders and calligraphy in her work.

Karen bryant

Since Karen Bryant experienced the far north as a young geologist, she has been drawn to the remote corners of the north country. The space and silence of this great land continues to fascinate her. Through her paintings she attempts to share this passion with others; she likes to start a painting en plein air and finish it using acrylic paints with sketches and photographs for reference.

Betsy Van Burgh

If you’ve seen any beautiful, handcrafted pottery around Haines, chances are it was made by Betsy Van Burgh. She teaches community ed ceramics classes that demonstrate the skill of using the wheel, as well as hand building with clay.

Catotti & Goldberg Art Studio

Donna Catotti and Rob Goldberg are versatile artists who make art in a lot of different media.  Donna paints in oils and pastels and prints serigraphs.  Rob paints in watercolors and acrylics and prints serigraphs.  They both enjoy doing large public art projects in etched glass, wood and other materials.  Rob also makes custom guitars and cellos.

CrisS Chaney

For years, Criss Chaney has been developing techniques for combining glass and metals, and exploiting methods for working with both materials. She now travels around the world making art and gathering inspiration from the local cultures she visits. Criss is an internationally recognized glass artist whose work has been exhibited extensively throughout Europe and the United States, including at a solo exhibition at Austria’s Museum Humanum.

Kerry Cohen

Kerry Cohen has been creating ceramic art in her southeast Alaska studio since 1983, when she and her husband formed Mud Bay Pottery. About a decade ago, she began working in mixed media and now enjoys creating pieces that incorporate clay, metal, and handmade paper.


Cassie Miller and Josh Benassi‘s incredible handmade silver, wire wrap and macrame gemstone jewelry.

Katie Ione Craney

What does an anthropocentric Alaskan landscape look like and how will it change as we shift into a new geologic epoch? These are questions that Katie Ione Craney tries to answer through her art as she challenges the juxtaposition of natural and human landscapes and what it means to rely on the land for survival.

Due North

Haines artist Laura Rogers is the owner of The Magpie Gallery. which sells art by local artists, including her own brand, Due North. Rogers herself is trained in pottery, ceramics and graphic design and hopes to start workshops with other artists for the community to learn new skills.

Fairweather Ski Works

Fairweather Ski Works is a company built of friends, craftsmen, engineers, artists and athletes who share a passion for the art of laying fresh tracks off rugged summits. When Graham Kraft and wife Lindsay Johnson moved to Haines they found a wealth of local woodworking knowledge at work in a bountiful forested ecosystem. With input from sawyers and fine woodworkers, ski industry engineers and hard-charging athletes, Kraft works hard to build skis that perform as well as inspire. 

Frosty Beads N Things

Travina and Bailey Stuart delved into crafts and ten years ago discovered the flexibility and captivating process of handmade lampwork with polymer clay the perfect medium for their colloborative artistic expression. 

Tresham Gregg

Tresham Gregg is a northwest fantasy multimedia artist raised in Haines, Alaska with a personal background in Tlingit Native Art.  He currently does original works in Woodcarving, Silk Screen Prints, Silver and Beaded Jewelry, Character Puppets, and Paintings.  

John Hagen Photography

John Hagen is an editorial and fine arts photographer. While most landscape work from Alaska showcases the state’s natural beauty, Hagen tries to create a counter-narrative to postcard-perfect Alaskana by showcasing abstract elements of a spot. “People, place and the interaction between the two are the inspiration for my work. I typically will draw my work from places in peril or of places that are special,” he said. Hagen studied photojournalism at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in New Media Arts from the Institute of American Indian Arts. 

Jim Heaton

Jim Heaton, Teeya Saati, adopted by Gooch Hit (Wolf House),  in Klukwan. Jim Heaton has been studying and carving Northwest Coast Art since 1984.  Since that time he has completed over 200 feet of totem poles and house posts. Jim’s work can be found in the perma- nent collections of the Alaska State Museum, Juneau; Sheldon Museum and Cultural Center, Haines; North Pacific Rim People’s Museum, Hokkaido, Japan; and various galleries in Alaska and Washington.


Hemlock Lines

Hemlock Lines was created by cartographer Jeffrey Moskowitz who began producing local maps of Southeast Alaska in 2015.

Daniel Lee Henry

Frontier (the line where humans meet wild) +  Rhetoric (the art of using all available means to persuade) = How rural residents talk to each other about their environment. Adjunct professor, Pushcart Prize winner, national champion debate coach, NEH Teacher-Scholar, founder of Alaska Native Oratory Society, director of North Words Writers Symposium, author of “Across the Shaman’s River: John Muir and the Last Tlingit Stronghold.” Public speaking coach, writing teacher, community consultant.

Lindsay Johnson

 The sea holds a bounty of inspiration for Lindsay Johnson. Gyotaku, Japanese for fish rubbing, is her way of honoring the magnificent marine life she pulls up from the deep. Each creature is bathed and painted before pressing cloth or rice paper over it, preserving its spirit for eternal life above the surface.

Debi Knight Kennedy

Art from the Heart. From Marionettes to original jewelry designs in Sterling Silver to hand carved and printed Block Prints & much more. You never know what you’ll find at the Forget-Me-Not Gallery. “Where my heart leads I follow…”

Kicking Horse Designs

Elizabeth Jurgeleit was raised in Haines, Alaska with a life of adventure and a passion a love for the environment. Growing up she has always had a passion for art, leading her into a career in art and design. Her interest is deeply rooted in the relationship of humans and their relationship with the environment.

Heather lende

Heather Lende is the bestselling author of Haines-centric personal stories, Find the GoodIf You Lived Here, I’d Know Your Name, and Take Good Care of the Garden and the Dogs ( Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill). She and her husband Chip have lived in Haines for over 35 years and own Lutak Lumber. She also writes the obituaries for the Chilkat Valley News. They have five adult children and seven grandchildren (five live in Haines; two in Juneau) and are involved in the community on many levels, from sports events and government ( her next, book due out in June 2020 is about her term on the Borough Assembly) to hospice care and the arts. Heather is the recipient of the 2017 Alaska Governor’s Award for Distinguished Service to the Humanities.

Arianna Marquardt & Cassie Miller

Written by Casssie Miller and Illustrated by Arianna Marquardt in beautiful Haines Alaska, Mother Moose Alaskan Nursery Rhymes is a collection of classic nursery rhymes given with an Alaskan twist.

Jean Meaux

Jean Morgan Meaux lived in Anchorage from 1971 until 1985 and, while freelancing for the Anchorage Daily News, began work on this book. After attending Tulane Law School, she stayed in Louisiana to raise her three children and to practice family law. In 2009, she opened the cardboard box containing her Alaska manuscript and began writing again. During the summer, she and her husband live in a cabin near Haines. In the winters, they grow heirloom vegetables on their farm in the Louisiana countryside.

Megan Morehouse

Megan Morehouse is a resourceful artist who creates mosaics using materials found on the shores of Southeast Alaska. She participated in the Confluence’s Fort Seward Sculpture Garden project, creating a large mosaic of the braided Chilkat River. Morehouse was also commissioned by the Haines Borough to craft the “Welcome to Haines” sign greeting cruise ship passengers at the Port Chilkoot Dock.

Andrea Nelson

The assemblages of Andrea Nelson combine objects from nature with relics odd and old. There is no shortage of material remains in any human environment; their value, on the other hand, is of subjective and personal estimation. She is co-owner of Ampersands, a local gallery & gift shop, with fellow artist and friend Amelia Nash.

Joe Ordonez

Joe Ordonez is a photographer, author and naturalist who has lived and worked in Haines, Alaska since 1987. Joe has deep, intimate and profound affection for the natural environment of the Chilkat Valley. Joe’s love and connection to the land imbues his photography with an intensity that borders on the spiritual.  Joe is currently working on his latest book entitled “The Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve.”

Mandy Ramsey

Mandy Ramsey is a mother, gardener, yoga teacher, bodyworker, photographer, dancer, and artist, who has been living and loving in Haines since 2000. Her love of flowers and the energy of the natural world and its cycles inspire her work. As the poet Rumi says, “there are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth.” Her work reflects this sacred devotion to life.


Whether painting people or wildlife, working from a photo or model, Beverly Schupp strives to portraythe character of her subject rather than a precise likeness. Originally a landscape artist, Schupp turned to portrait work when the Alaskan winters kept her from painting outdoors. Her participation inweekly drawing sessions with other local artists has fueled her interest in portrait work, as has the Studio Incamminati workshop she attended in Haines last summer.

Shyine Designs

With a fashion degree under her belt, Julie Vance headed out west working for a couple small design companies learning the tricks of the trade.; eventually landing in Haines, Alaska where she started Arctic Wild Wear… a women’s  and children’s  clothing company specializing in sparkly stretchy colorful prints. Today Arctic Wild Wear has grown into Shyine Designs. Adventure combined with a fun active and healthy lifestyle is an inspiration to her creations.  

John Svenson

John Svenson is a glass blower, painter, and also creates woodblock prints. He and his wife, Sharon, own the Extreme Dreams Gallery, situated in a world class setting for viewing work by some of Alaska’s finest artists.

Sharon Svenson

Sharon Svenson has been exploring and working in mosaics full time since year 2000. Before that, from 1972, her focus was in weaving rugs and tapestry, but she became disenchanted with rigid structure. She is inspired by the natural world that surrounds our home in rural Alaska.

T Ganner Photography

Tom Ganner is a photographer, guide, and naturalist who resides in Haines Alaska and enjoys travelling to wherever his camera leads him. A lifelong love of history and all things wild leads him to capture moments of time and space that reflect the spirit of Alaska, its historic culture, and natural wild beauty. “Photography is my dharma. It is an act of devotion in hopes of doing justice to man’s and God’s handiwork in the world.”