Haines: Where Art is an Adventure, and Adventure is an Art


We inspire a culture of collaboration by supporting and promoting artist and arts of the Chilkat Valley.

Haines is known as the "Arts Capital of Alaska" for good reason: A 2015 report compiled by Southeast Conference showed more than 100 artists are living here and earning some degree of income from their work. Click on the images below to check them out. 


  • Rob Martin is the Great Grandson of Master Beader Daisy Phillips who was known for grand and majestic Tlingit designs. A Tlingit from the Kaagwaantaan eagle wolf clan based out of Klukwan, Alaska. Proud patriot who served two
    tours in Iraq in the Army. Rob practices Tlingit form line designs and traditional techniques on copper, silver bracelets, earrings and pendants. He lives in the Chilkat valley with his wife and two kids. You can follow him or get a hold of him on Facebook @RobMartingArt Or call (907) 314-0632 Email Robsart@yahoo.com

  • Tresham Gregg is a northwest fantasy multimedia artist raised in Haines, Alaska with a personal background in Tlingit Native Art.  He currently does original works in Woodcarving, Silk Screen Prints, Silver and Beaded Jewelry, Character Puppets, and Paintings.  He has a few galleries in Haines /Fort Seward and an online presence through: tresham.com and northwestsupernatural.com, as well as numerous puppet videos on youtube in "Return to Happy Happy".

  • Let me share my passion and vision of Alaska's Nature and Wildlife through my fine art photography.  I have lived in Alaska most of my adult life and now reside in the Chilkat Valley, where many of my photographs were taken.

  • Donna has been a professional artist for over 35 years, working in a variety of media.  Her current focus is the portrait/figure genre in oil, but she still loves starting pastels outdoors on location.

  • Mandy is a mother, gardener, yoga teacher, bodyworker, photographer, dancer, artist who has been living off the grid in Haines, Alaska for the past 16 years- in the home she and her husband build. Her love of flowers and the energy of the natural world and its cycles inspire her work. As the poet Rumi says, "there are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth." Her work reflects this sacred devotion to life.

  • I regard psychotherapy as an art – a process in which we work to make sense of feelings, thoughts and reactions that are sometimes painful, confusing and frightening but always human and understandable.  My art work is inspired by my life on Mud Bay in Haines Alaska and the rivers and mountains of my other home in central Oregon.

  • Using all natural ingredients, Gina creates fragrant soaps, luscious lip balms and a deet-free insect repellent.  She Incorporates local ingredients such as glacial silt, wild rose petals, dried hop petals and dried marigold petals, which she grows in her garden, into her soap blends. Gina's motto is 'products that are good for you and good for the environment'.

  • I have been living and working in the Haines area for fifteen years. I have recently discovered the world of watercolor painting and enjoyed exploring it's challenges.

  • Alaska Rod's features work by over 90 local area artisans.  Rod makes knives, many wood products (pens, seam rippers, wine bottle stoppers, etc), Devil's Club products and a variety of other things.  Drop by to enjoy our FUDGE and get our healing salves (all local and all natural).  We also have Native arts, jewelry, baskets, hats, photography, paintings, leather products, Haines T-shirts, dolls, sculptures, cards and much more!

  • North of Normal includes a sampling of the Police Blotter in Haines, Alaska between the years 2010 and 2014. The reading material is divided by seasons, as well as special topics that occur seasonally in Haines, so the reader can experience living five full years in Haines.

  • A weaver and textile designer for over 30 years, Sharon now utilizes her sense of texture and color in her beautiful mosaic designs.

  • My oil and acrylic paintings are portraits, landscapes, still
    life, animals.

  • For years, Criss has been developing techniques for combining glass and metals, and exploiting methods for working with both materials. She now travels around the world making art and gathering inspiration from the local cultures she visits.
    Criss is an internationally recognized glass artist whose work has been exhibited extensively throughout Europe and the United States, including at a solo exhibition at Austria’s Museum Humanum.

  • Jean Meaux is the author of In Pursuit of Alaska: An Anthology of Travelers' Tales, 1879-1909. The collection includes maps, photographs and first person accounts of Alaska adventures by the earliest tourists, explorers and gold miners. Reviewer David James says, "of the several hundred Alaska books I've devoured, this one is easily in the top five."

  • Joe Ordonez is a photographer, author and naturalist who has lived and worked in Haines, Alaska since 1987. Joe has deep, intimate and profound affection for the natural environment of the Chilkat Valley. Joe’s love and connection to the land imbues his photography with an intensity that borders on the spiritual.  Joe is currently working on his latest book entitled “The Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve.”

  • Morehouse is a resourceful artist who creates mosaics using materials found on the shores of Southeast Alaska. She participated in the Confluence's Fort Seward Sculpture Garden project, creating a large mosaic of the braided Chilkat River. Morehouse was also commissioned by the Haines Borough to craft the "Welcome to Haines" sign greeting cruise ship passengers at the Port Chilkoot Dock.

  • Art from the Heart. From Marionettes to original jewelry designs in Sterling Silver to hand carved and printed Block Prints & much more. You never know what you’ll find at the Forget-Me-Not Gallery. Where my heart leads I follow…

  • We are versatile artists who make art in a lot of different media.  Donna paints in oils and pastels and prints serigraphs.  Rob paints in watercolors and acrylics and prints serigraphs.  We both enjoy doing large public art projects in etched glass, wood and other materials.  Rob also makes custom guitars and cellos.

  • Bear Star Web Design is owned and operated by James Alborough and Sarah Posey. James brings years of web development and website design experience in Silicon Valley. Sarah "Tigger" Posey adds her extensive experience as an editor and writing instructor.

    Established in 1994, Bear Star Web Design has consistently served its hundreds of clients with high standards, economic rates, and fast, friendly service.

    Bear Star has been a driving force in getting many of Haines' businesses on the web since its inception. Our customers are our friends and we see many of them on a daily basis, so you know we can be trusted to deliver top quality at a very affordable rate.

  • Heather Lende wrote the New York Times bestseller If You Lived Here I know Your Name, and Take Good Care of the Garden and the Dogs. Her third book, Finding the Good, will be available in 2015. Her acclaimed columns and essays have been published and broadcast widely, from Woman's Day and Country Living to the Anchorage Daily News, Alaska Dispatch and Washington Post. She has lived with her family in Haines for 30 years.

  • John Hagen is an editorial and fine arts photographer. While most landscape work from Alaska showcases the state’s natural beauty, Hagen tries to create a counter-narrative to postcard-perfect Alaskana by showcasing abstract elements of a spot. “People, place and the interaction between the two are the inspiration for my work. I typically will draw my work from places in peril or of places that are special,” he said. Hagen studied photojournalism at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in New Media Arts from the Institute of American Indian Arts. He was recently awarded and Artist-in-Residency at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, N.M. 

  • I have been visiting Haines since 2006, and bought a house here in 2012.  Haines has captured my heart, and hopefully your visit to Haines was just as magical.  My website is dedicated to those persons who want to keep a reminder of this wonderful area of scenic Alaska.  All photographs have been taken in the Haines, AK area, unless indicated otherwise.  Photos that intrigue me include landscape, nature and wildlife.  I hope you enjoy them, too.
    Dena Selby

  • Love of nature, love of paint - see the proof at Sheldon Museum, Haines, AK or sheldonmuseum.org through mid September

  • Frontier (the line where humans meet wild) +  Rhetoric (the art of using all available means to persuade) = How rural residents talk to each other about their environment.

    Adjunct professor, Pushcart Prize winner, national champion debate coach, NEH Teacher-Scholar, founder of Alaska Native Oratory Society, director of North Words Writers Symposium, author of "Across the Shaman's River: John Muir and the Last Tlingit Stronghold."

    Public speaking coach, writing teacher, community consultant.

  • Red Rapid Images: Wild Life  – Wild Places spotlights Eric Kocher’s images.  Eric is a photography tour guide and takes pictures for the Chilkat Valley News.  Published photographs include images from his climb of Mt. McKinley, Alaska and a photograph of Robert F. Kennedy in the Washington Post.  He has images on display at the American Legion Post, Captain’s Choice Motel, and offices in Haines and Juneau.

  • Situated in a world class setting for viewing work by some of Alaska's finest artists.

  • I try to maintain respect for the art form by using traditional forms and materials.

  • Travel the dynamic Lynn Canal to historic Fort Wm H. Seward in Haines Alaska for an artistic adventure commemorating 150 years of Alaska with local art classes and presentations. 

  • The assemblages  of Andrea Nelson combine objects from nature with relics odd and old. There is no shortage of material remains in any human environment; their value, on the other hand, is of subjective and personal estimation.

  • Hemlock Lines was created by cartographer Jeffrey Moskowitz who began producing local maps of Southeast Alaska in 2015.

  • Heidi Robichaud specializes in custom scrimshaw, working either on ivory provided by the client or old walrus and mammoth ivory purchased from her inventory. Living in the isolated Alaskan bush for many years, Heidi developed a distinct style relatively free from the inflluence of other contemporary and traditional scrimshaw workers. She is recognized for her unique method of scratching ivory and using its natural grain and coloration to suggest and enhance the designs. Although she works mostly in ivory, she ventures into other mediums including glass, photography, wood, and clay.

  • What does an anthropocentric Alaskan landscape look like and how will it change as we shift into a new geologic epoch? These are questions that Katie tries to answer through her art as she challenges the juxtaposition of natural and human landscapes and what it means to rely on the land for survival.

  • I find inspiration in everything I see in my travels and at home. Inspiration leads me to explore colors, textures and forms.
    I'm drawn to the patterns of the natural and manmade environment. When I see something I love I want to possess it.
    My way of possessing what I love is to paint it.

  • I love to create beautiful things that will bring joy to people. I work in glass, fusing, stained glass and sandblasting. I am also a silkscreen artist and own and operate a framing business.
    This is an example of one of my Jewelry boxes.

  • Rusty is one unhappy to be here cart dog. He is made of welded rebar and is hitched to an authentic early 1900's cart that was used in the area. He is posed in a small pocket park that is in the zone between town and Ft Wm H. Seward, contrasting  the wildness of Alaska and the military establishment from the "Outside"

  • Tom is a photographer, guide, and naturalist who resides in Haines Alaska and enjoys travelling to wherever his camera leads him. A lifelong love of history and all things wild leads him to capture moments of time and space that reflect the spirit of Alaska, its historic culture, and natural wild beauty. "Photography is my dharma. It is an act of devotion in hopes of doing justice to man's and God's handiwork in the world."

  • I enjoy conceiving, wording and designing information-rich publications for a general audience. My background as a meteorologist inspires much of my work, and creating beautiful and informative maps is a current passion.

  • A story of Alaskan discovery.

  • Established in 2013 by Ian Seward and Graham Kraft, Fairweather Ski Works builds one of a kind, handcrafted skis and splitboards in its Haines shop.