Historic Fort William H. Seward Interpretive Sculpture Garden


We inspire a culture of collaboration by supporting and promoting artist and arts of the Chilkat Valley.

Installation of the artworks is well underway, here are some videos we've made of the installations so far...



Fort Seward Sculpture Garden Artists featured on KHNS Public Radio

Click on the links below to listen to KHNS' interviews with Fort Seward Sculpture Garden artists:
Kerry Cohen
Megan Morehouse
John Hagen
John Svenson
Adrian Revenaugh
Jim Heaton
Katie Craney
David Pahl
Jeffrey Moskowitz
Andrea Nelson
Gene Kennedy
Debi Knight Kennedy
Donna Catotti


We are pleased to announce the selections for Fort Seward Sculpture Garden commissioned art works:

Sarah Bishop, Donna Catotti, Kerry Cohen, Katie Craney, Rob Goldberg, Tresham Gregg, John Hagen, Jim Heaton, Debi Knight Kennedy, Gene Kennedy, Jeffrey Moskowitz, Andrea Nelson, David Pahl, Adrian Revenaugh, and John and Sharon Svenson.

3D Imagery by Chorus Bishop

3D sketches will make it possible to visualize the sculpture garden during the planning process. 


Click on the image above, or the link below to download the Fort Seward Artist Salon presentation, featuring images from the Sculpture Garden proposals. 

Download the Fort Seward Artist Salon Slideshow (PDF)


Download the Fort Seward Interpretive Stakeholder Report (PDF)

Download the Request for Proposals (PDF)

Download Flyer (PDF)