featured artist

FEB  7, 2020

Local photographer John Hagen presents The Sound of Wind and Grass– photos from his trip to his birthplace and home of his ancestors.


JAN 3, 2020

Muralist Jeremy Settem experiments with upcycled canvases, layer and light, and mixing different mediums to create his unique pieces.


DEC 6, 2019

December’s First Friday featured a reading of ‘The Bear in the Blueberry’ by author Linda Buckley. The newly released children’s book features illustrations by Robin K. Robbins.


NOv 1, 2019

Debi Knight Kennedy’s homemade cacao chocolates, ‘Wild Things’ were a treat-  Debi shared the process behind them and samples!


OCT 4, 2019

Audrey Smith’s scarves, shawls, and other beautiful hand woven textiles.


AUG 2, 2019

Yuko Hays just finished her second year at the esteemed art school in Philadelphia, but she was back in Haines for the summer and premiered some of her work from her past year there.


JULY 7, 2019

Local architect Larry Larson shared his conceptual designs for the empty lot at 3rd in Main in downtown Haines; and his vision for a central park or ‘hub’ there.


Haines Hub Pavilion – Aerial View ↓


JUNE 7, 2019

June’s First Friday feature was the second annual Sidewalk Chalk Contest; Haines style graffiti.


MAY 5, 2019

Kelleen Adams’ exhibit brought bright and colorful cheer to the gallery. It featured her FUNctional art; she paints funky designs on everyday things, adding art to the mundane.



APRIL 3, 2019

George Figdor’s stunning account of his recent trip, a ‘Portrait of Rwanda’,  gave us insight into his perspective by means of his professional photographs.