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We inspire a culture of collaboration by supporting and promoting artist and arts of the Chilkat Valley.

Alaska Arts Confluence is a 501(c)3 tax exempt nonprofit dedicated to promoting participation in the arts by providing art education and cultural enrichment opportunities for artists, residents and visitors of the Chilkat Valley.

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We engage artists, residents and visitors in creative  experiences and learning opportunities. Projects range from Art on the Front window displays on Main Street to a dynamic web marketing class designed especially for artists.

Drawing upon the resources of the area’s Native and contemporary visual artists, the strength of the written and oral traditions, and the influence of music and the performing arts in rural Alaskan community life, Alaska Arts Confluence programs and projects provide arts education opportunities open to the general pubic to foster an appreciation of all arts. To achieve these ends we offer workshops, seminars, events and related activities that allow for a wide range of community enrichment, visitor involvement and cultural exchange.